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Our competitve services cover a broad spectrum of construction and maintenance areas - light building, general maintenance, refurbishment and heavy construction work. We offer a level of professionalism that compares favourably with major contractors but we still manage to provide a personalised service.If you need Residential Planning in Barking & Dagenham, RM8 area you can contact us for specialized services at a good price. This encompasses all aspects of construction including building, mechanical and electrical Residential services, civil engineering, utilities, asset and facilities management.

Residential Kitchen design and installation

Providing custom Residential Bathrooms construction services is an integral aspect to our company. Each custom home we build is completely unique to our clients' needs, offering a rich combination of craftsmanship, quality, and value. Every aspect you choose, from the architectural design to the finishing details, is seamlessly integrated to create a custom built home that is truly your own. Ranging from custom loft conversions to luxury living spaces, we offer a wealth of expertise in many aspects of custom home building. What distinguishes us from other London construction companies is our proficiency in various facets of residential and commercial construction. Our team of builders has a local reputation as being very reliable and detailed-oriented in providing an exceptional finished product both on-time and on-budget

We know, the kitchen is the most significant room in the house. This place is not used only for cooking, and is used for various social meetings. Kitchens offers you something special, very affordable and without compromising quality. Most of all though, we offer you exactly what you want for much less than you might think. Our designers are not restricted by standard width, heights or depths but instead they will concentrate on meeting your requirements. Our factory workshop uses the perfect blend of technology and hands on skills to ensure that your kitchen is made from a quality construction and enjoys the highest level of finish. Since every Residential Kitchens is absolutely unique, every component is made specifically for your kitchen.

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Residential Bathroom installation in London

We are listening to our clients through our award-winning Customer Care Programme. The essence of our business is to deliver a level of service through all phases of a project which results in clients wanting to work with RCB Group as their commercial construction and engineering services supplier of choice. RCB GROUP's construction and engineering services incorporate all aspects and disciplines that are needed to realise our clients' objectives and vision. Engaging RCB Group Residential services early in the design stage of your project, means you are getting specialist advice and innovations from the best and most experienced company in the Mechanical & Engineering (M&E) business.

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We work with many different specailists in the building industry and we know what it takes to realize a successful completion. When you should choose to work with our team, you can rest assured knowing that an honest, highly professional group of building experts has sound management over your entire project. If you’d like learn more about how you can help with your project, please contact us. Although we can handle complete construction projects from the ground up, we can also provide specialized Residential services in many facets of custom construction and home building We can work with your new interior design or architectural drawings as required, and we can also help you plan and execute a renovation project based on ideas alone. Our craftsmen are highly skilled in all types of commercial and home renovations.

Residential Bathrooms in Greater London - Residential service

With a residential approach to design and specification, our developments are among the most exciting and innovative in the market place. From conception to completion, our Residential work is characterised by outstanding architecture, stylish design, superb specifications, meticulous attention to detail, and a real environmental agenda. One of our dedicated Project Managers is assigned for the entire duration of the project, ensuring the highest standards and our total commitment to your project. All the other members of our team are made up of construction professionals who have an understanding of all aspects of the building process which with our long-term partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors ensure that we always bring the right synergy to all our projects.

RCB Group have a broad portfolio of past projects which we have completed across the UK, including a range of residential constructions to match the specific requirements of individual clients. By tailoring our construction package to your specification, we can help you to enjoy premises which are perfect for your business, industrial or agricultural operation. A kitchen installations in greater London offer many options that you can choose regarding comfort, and if you work with the specialists of our group in that kind of construction, can offer you the kitchen of your dreams. A steel frame building can be a big investment, and we understand that you will want to get the design of your new building right first time. We have extensive experience of constructing residential buildings, with an expert, highly qualified team who know the importance of tailoring your new building to suit your needs.

Our whole life approach to property, which includes not just construction but also maintenance and servicing, gives us an important competitive advantage. We know that there is no gain from cutting construction costs today if it will mean much higher servicing costs in the future. The company is managed by a highly experienced team of people who have been focusing on the asbestos removal sector for many years. The company is able to offer residential carpentry services, includingResidential Kitchen design and kitchen installation and all home improvements. The customers who work with us will receive superior services at a good price. We have many years since we offer customers satisfaction, and always listening to their proposals. So, we offer interior and exterior painting and decorating services and solutions, by window painting. Below that we have more services for you, and your home.

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